The game is a short story driven side scroller, about a small fox named Pajuu and his mother.

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Hold SHIFT -  to Warm Up

Press SPACE -  to Jump

WASD - to Move

The scarf is your resource like health, while you hold "Shift" it slowly fades away. Using it is indicated by sound and a white glow on the scarf.
When the scarf is gone you aren't able to heat up anymore.


If the game is running slow in your browser, we highly recommend downloading the Windows version!

Music by:

Mattia Cupelli  -  Emotional Sad Piano Music

bensound - Piano Moment

Team Samurai Spark:

Gerhard Strodel
Reinhold Strodel


Download 51 MB
Pajuu-Linux.tar 123 MB
Download 64 MB


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thoughtful game to welcome the spring.

A Kiss For You


aw it's really good! :'(


i feel warm in that snowstorm


Pajuu is a very heart warming platformer  in a very cold enviroment! It was very touching and, it made me not want to put it down.


What a beautiful game! Good job... Seriously. I absolutely love these kinds of short games.


Thank you for the kind words, we are glad you enjoyed it so much.


I was not ready for that ending. Beautiful work.


We did have intended to make an impact there, happy to hear you liked it!


is this free?


If you found it in the ''free games'' section then yeah it should be obvious.

Yes, it is free for you to play. Just play it right here (html5 webplayer) or use one of the download links above this comment section.




Thank you for making me a sad human lol, I loved the concept of the scarf and having to make sure if he was getting to cold to make sure he had to warm up. I thought it was very simple and fun I would like to see a longer game with this kind of platforming, it wasn't stupid intense, rather calm and just a nice setting and tone to the game. *SPOILERS* The end had me heart broken but I don't know if he made it out to a sunny area or if that was supposed to be a "heaven" because he couldn't survive without the mama and would have froze to death, but I thought it was great, thanks for pulling on the heart strings! 
Pajuu starts at 4:07 and ends at 7:03

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That was a really lovely video, thank you for that!

We love to see how people experience pajuu's little adventure.
We definitely  thought about making this into a full game,
although we are currently working on another project.
As a little hint regarding the ending. It isn't isn't just intended to be sad but rather a moment of hopefulness.

BTW: Really awesome fox in the thumbnail you created there! :)


thank you so much! Can't wait to see what you do in the future! ^-^


Very cool. Great music and story. Nice animations. Well done... :)

Thank you so much for the video!

Oh and congratulations for beating the hardest part (3:52) on the first try ;)


This game is short but really amazing :) Greetings from Germany

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We really loved your video! The shift problem occurred because the scarf was used up.

The more you heat up the more the scarf fades away,
maybe we'll do an update to indicate this better.

Anyways, thank you very much for your effort and we hope you enjoyed it.

Grüße zurück :)


I'm very happy that Marta of our blog chose to write an article about your game, because it's absolutely beautiful. You have a certain, nearly cinematic approach of storytelling in your game and it was just a wonderful thing to witness. The white shimmer on the screen when the fox became more and more cold, the scarf in the wind, the depressing ending... Stunning work. Looking forward to your projects in the future, and I hope you enjoyed the little playthrough video we made of your game. <3

Best wishes,


Hey Sebastian,

glad you enjoyed the game! The article that marta wrote was a big motivational push for us.
We really appreciate the effort the gamejamcurator team puts in to support the indie game scene.

Keep up the great work :)


Awww, thank you so much. :) We're happy when we can get the word about great jam games out there! <3 So thanks to you as well for making such gems! :)


Really cool story/mechanics! But that ending! 


Nice game!

BTW, the fox need a landing animation.


Loved this - really simple gameplay, but that's great because it makes way for everything else to really shine. The artwork and music are brilliant :)


A truly beautiful and adorable game. The music was so nice and the art-style is simple yet amazing! I loved it! It's short, yes, but so cute and a tad bit sad... Are you planning to expand this project? I would love more levels and more story for the little brave Fox :)
Feel free to take a look at  my video of it!


What a lovely little project. A big thanks for allowing me to play this and good luck.


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Hey wobblyfootgamer!

we are very happy that you enjoyed the game :)

Thank you for the video!